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Resistance Welding

Welding Wheels

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Class 2 - Chromium Zirconium Copper (18150)


RWMA Class 2 Copper
UNS C18150

Class 2 copper (18150) Copper Chromium Zirconium is used extensively for cap style resistance welding electrodes. Evidence suggests that it can provide less sticking and resist deformation longer than its copper-chrome counterpart in some specific situations.

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Class 2 - Chromium Copper (18200)


RWMA Class 2 Copper
UNS C18200

Class 2 Alloy is a superior resistance welding electrode material specifically recommended for high level production spot and seam welding of clean mild steel, low ally steel, low conductivity brasses and bronzes.

Suitable for projection welding dies, seam welder shafts and bearings, flash and butt dies and current carrying structural members.

Available as high strength and high electrical conductivity casting for such use as gun welder arms, welder platen and secondary structural members. Class 2 is also heat treatable.

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Class 3 - Beryllium Free Copper (18000)


RWMA Class 3 Beryllium Free


C18000 is utilized when a combination of very good mechanical strength along with

moderate electrical and thermal electrical conductivity are required. C18000 is a viable

substitute for C17500 and C17510 for many applications. C18000 is a heat treatable copper


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Class 3 - Beryllium Copper (17510)


  • ASTM B441

  • ASTM B534

  • MIL C-81021


Class 3 Alloy is specifically recommended for projection welding dies, flash and butt welding dies, current carrying shafts and bushings. As castings, Class 3 Alloy (having higher strength than Class 2), is recommended for highly stressed welder structural current carrying members and heavy duty offset electrode holders.

Class 3 Alloy is generally recommended for spot welding and seam welding steels having high electrical resistance, such as stainless steels. The Class 3 Alloy is heat treatable.

  • SAE J461

  • SAE J463

  • UNS C17510

  • SAE J463

  • UNS C17510

  • Class 3 Copper

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